Ayurvedic Herbals

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine based on natural and holistic living, derives from two Sanskrit words - Ayu or life, and Veda or knowledge.

This Science of Life analyses the human body through a combination of the body, mind and spirit. It works to provide a flexible guidance to attain a state of positive health.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Based Medicines

  • It increases immunity
  • It is natural
  • It has no side-effects
  • It recommends eating foods that are easily available, non-toxic & aids in healing
  • Removes diseases from the root
  • Improves bodily functions
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Increases one’s life span
  • Relaxes, rejuvenates & revitalizes

Our Herbal products are a range of 100% natural and safe products with rare herbs collected from the foothills of the Himalayas. Each product combines the best of Ayurveda with years of dedicated research. Batch to batch performance and complete purity and safety are assured through the application of advanced pharmaceutical technology at every stage of manufacturing.

We welcome the interested company for contract manufacturing with us.